Historic Circa 1920-1930s

Sydney from a building overlooking the Royal Botanic Gardens and Farm Cove, c1920

These unique slices of history are a fascinating insight into our past. Meticulously restored black & white panoramic photographic prints have been produced from the original negatives. They have captured views of Sydney and country NSW in the 1920s to late 1930s and of Queensland in the 1950s. Image width of these prints is 12.70 cm (50”).

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Australian Landscapes

Secret Holden Graveyard #050

Over the years Phil, with his amazing rotating panoramic camera and helicopter mount, both made to his specifications, has given the world a totally new way of seeing the grandeur, beauty and spectacle of Australia and earned him world-wide acclaim. Prints are available in two sizes: 10.15 cm wide and oversize 15.00 cm wide. Displayed here on behalf of a sole distributor.

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Sports Panoramics

Casey Stoner

Phil started taking sporting panoramas in the 1990s for Channel 9’s Wide World of Sport. He then went on to shoot for Cricket Australia, Australian Rugby Union, Bathurst car Race Starts, 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2008 Rugby World Cup and has produced many limited edition prints signed by famous sportsmen.

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