Historic non-Panoramic

This selection of hundreds of images were taken by Hall & Co. Include both cityscapes and rural views, taken in the 1920 & 30’s, capturing life as it was then.

They have been scanned from the original large format glass plates. This selection includes the famous image of aircraft Southern Sun flying over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1931 (Stock Code C260). This was a composite photograph created by E W Searle of Hall Co. Plane tyres are flattened at the base and the propellers are stationary, indicating that it was photographed while on the tarmac. The Avro-10 Southern Sun was piloted by Charles Ulm to celebrate the arrival in Sydney of American Aviatrix Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. Amy Johnson had crashed in Brisbane and was flown to Sydney by Ulm.

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