Sydney, Circular Quay, 1896

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The horseshoe shaped sea wall, built on reclaimed mud flats at the head of Sydney Cove, was originally named ‘Semi-Circular Quay’. It was later shortened by the habit of lazy speech to Circular Quay.

Always an impressive sight, it was originally the landing site of the First Fleet and an ideal venue for settlement, with the Tank stream supplying fresh water as it flowed freely into the harbour. Today it runs underground.

Circular Quay, with its fingers of ferry terminals, has always been busy with the comings and goings of marine craft. In 1896 it was teeming with the movements of ferries, square rigged sailing ships and steamers mooring at the piers.

Sydney Cove once enjoyed the glamour of being the focal point of Sydney but it is now somewhat overshadowed as it links two icons, The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour.

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1015mm x 350mm