Sydney Harbour & Circular Quay, Australia ~ 1904


Historically significant, this photograph shows, from left, the old P&O Wharf where the Sydney Opera House now stands. Just above the ferry is Customs House, which still exists today. To the right is the Post Office Clock Tower and the Town Hall. Further right are the unusual Flemish-style gables of the Australasian Steam Navigation Co. building, Campbell’s Storehouse (now the Waterfront Restaurant) and the tall chimney of the never commissioned Electric Power Station. In the foreground is Port Jackson’s fastest vessel of the day, the Water Police launch Asgus . Melvin Vaniman, photographer extraordinare in the early 1900’s, took this amazing aerial panorama of Sydney’s Circular Quay. His enthusiasm coupled with his ingenuity were his driving forces. He built his own panorama camera as well as the balloon to carry him aloft.