Historic Burra House, South Australia ~ Australia

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Burra House, just north of the quaintly beautiful, nearby township of Burra, is a heritage reflection of the exciting copper mining days of the mid 1880’s.

Today, the surrounding district is rich with its thriving stud merino industry and is known as the Merino Capital of the World. This is a fitting twist of fate because in 1845 two shepherds, William Streair and Thomas Pickett, discovered outcrops of green ore, bearing rich deposits of copper.

Burra expanded to become a mining settlement with a population of nearly 7,000 people and the largest country community in South Australia until around 1860. Pastoral and farming pursuits were encouraged in the area to afford secondary industry to cushion economic crisis in lieu of closure of the mine.

Tourists are well catered for with a host of attractions including the Merino Field Days and The Copper Festival. It is believed Burra was derived from an Hindustani word meaning great, referring to the creek, which was known to have flowed down to the Murray at Morgan during floods.

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