Millennium Celebration: New Year’s Eve 2000, Sydney Harbour ~ Australia

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Happy new millennium! Or does that begin on New Year’s Eve 2001? The debate arises because there are no noughts in Roman numerals. Anyway, who cares? Have a happy new century. What a way to begin the rest of your life. Over twenty tonnes of fireworks were set off to raise the spirits of the people. Sydneysiders and tourists were there by the multitude. Boats of all shapes and sizes were tossing and swaying on their anchor lines, spectators were lining the shores and battling the elements as a howling southerly gale was ripping across the harbour and beyond the northern foreshores. Onlookers were shoulder to shoulder and in awe, welcoming the bright prospects of the future. Isn’t it great to relive those magnificent outbursts of visual passion.

Happy New Eternity.

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1015mm x 350mm