Tasman Island, Tasmania ~ Australia

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Commodore Abel Janszoon Tasman, a Dutch navigator, discovered Tasmania on 24th November, 1642. He named it Van Diemens Lans after his friend and patron, the Governor of Batavia, now Jakarta.

In memory of Tasman, the name Tasmania was bestowed in 1856. Tasman Island is located approximately 500metres offshore from Cape Pillar, a narrow finger of land forming Tasmania’s south eastern tip. It is approximately 25km south east of Port Arthur and stands ruggedly sentinel in the harsh weather conditions of the Tasman Sea.

Tasman Island is awsome, like a surrealistic apparition, defiantly maintaining its existence against the elements. Standing bleakly on the flat top of Tasman Island, surrounded by sheer cliffs soaring 238 metres above the sea, is Australia’s most dramatic lighthouse. The only other signs of life are some deserted cottages sitting amidst thick, waist-high grass, and often shrouded in dense cloud.

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1015mm x 350mm