The Aboriginal Spirits Abound at Mount Borradaile, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory ~ Australia

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When you first arrive you may well feel a certain eeriness. It is as though your imagination is whirling, until you witness the guardians, the sentinels of time sheltered in the caves and rock overhangs.

These marvellous rock paintings peer at visitors as they simultaneously seek well earned respect for the spirits of Mount Borradaile.

This is one of the most powerful Aboriginal cultural sites in Australia.  You never feel alone in the solitude of surrounding Cooper Creek adjoining the east Alligator River. The wildlife abounds, barramundi, turtles, jabiru, whistling duck and of course, the lurking crocodiles, all overseered by the majestic sea eagles.

You are a very privileged guest at Mount Borradaile amongst the paperbarks, pandanus palms and the ever-present aura of the Dreamtime.

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1015mm x 350mm