The Lost City of Bukalara, Northern Territory – Australia

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This incredible maze of fascinating ancient sandstone rock formations, created by millions of years of erosion, is approximately 46km south of Borroloola, on the western extremity of the Bukalara Range in the Northern Territory.

Located in the Caranbirini Nature Reserve, these majestic sandstone towers reach up above the vegetation to 25 metres like a lost city of nature’s temples, providing a vivid contrast in colour and shape to the surrounding countryside.

Wandering the track and crossing a lily-carpeted billabong, you will be delighted by magnificent views across the escarpment country of the Gulf Region. There is a possibility you may be greeted by the nervously alert Carpentaria Grass Wren, running and hopping about in the rocky environment, hiding in overhanging spinifex clumps, or maybe the Gouldian Finch or the endemic Borroloola Gecko.

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1015mm x 350mm